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"Fill your mind with light, happiness, hope, feelings of security and strength, and soon your life will reflect these qualities." ~Unknown

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"The Greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance!" ~Brian Tracy

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Monday, June 14, 2010

"Celebrate even the small Successes" by Mark Ford

"Optimists are right. So are Pessimists. It's up to you to choose which you will be." - Harvey Mackay

Corner Goal:

Do you realize it's the middle of June already? How often this year have you taken some time to pause for a moment, look back and realize what you've accomplished? Don't let your goals simply become a check-off list. Take account of what you're getting done before quickly moving to the next goal. Take a little time to celebrate. That's right. Celebrate even the small successes. No matter much is left on your list, you have accomplished many things.

Here's a quick idea to implement the goal:

Plan a "celebration" dinner or summer barbecue with your family or some friends. Celebrate mid-year. Celebrate meeting half of your annual goals. Have everyone report their successes for the year - no matter how small or large.

Make it a GREAT week!
Mark Ford

Wonderful Idea, Mark!  I am going to celebrate all that I have accomplished so far this year.  Then I'm going set new goals or 're-set' previous ones, for the second half of 2010; in another post soon!

Here is what I wanted to do and have already accomplished so far this year:

I wanted to start writing; I did.  I wanted to start a blog; I did.  I wanted to make some Great new blogging friends; I sure did & love you all very much!  I wanted to do things that I've never done before; step outside the box and do things that I fear!  I have or I am about to do soon!

In the next 2 weeks I am taking 7 days of vacation for personal growth and development.  I am attending a  Presentation and Certification course; a Creation of Assets seminar and a Motivational seminar'  All at my own time and expense; to improve my own personal and career skills along with boosting my self-esteem.  Three of my goals for this year.  I am very excited!  Not nervous at all right now.  I hope I stay this calm over the next 10 days! :-)

So what mid-year accomplishments are my 'Friends' going to Celebrate this month?  I want to Celebrate right along with you All!  So let's share, celebrate together and motivate each other through the second half of 2010!
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  1. You are terrific!! Love this! Congrats on meeting so many of your goals! You inspire me! Love, Janine XO

  2. Good for you very ROCK WOMAN!

  3. good job chasing those goals...sure sounds like a reason to celebrate...

  4. Enjoy your achievement of so many goals. :D

  5. That's wonderful! I'm loving your goals.

    I'm hoping that June has something in store for a job. Being unemployed has often been difficult to find a place for setting goals. But, I'm hopeful.

  6. my achievement is my baby who is turning one this sat. i can't top that! :) good on you for the achievements. keep on inspiring!

    ~ash's mum
    (i'm following a nice stalkerish way!)

  7. Congratulations on your achievements, I hope they contiune.

    Have a good day.

  8. I love this!

    I have accomplished a few things:

    1. I've gotten rid of a lot of negative people. Cheers!
    2. I am happy being me. It is a process that will go on forever.
    3. I took the leap, got over my crazy fears and applied for my exams.
    4. I have gotten a lot of paperwork that was required, done. I still have a little left to do. I will do it.
    5. I know the preparation is slow, but I am positive.

    1. Put in my all, into the exam.
    2. Feel proud of me.
    3. Make my dreams come true because I deserve it.
    4. Be a good person despite certain negativity.
    5. Love the journey as much as I long to be at the destination.

    Thanks Coreen!

    I feel so energized :)

  9. Congratulations! You have met many of your goals and that is terrific! I too have met some of my goals. And I am excited! But I haven't I will start that now! And reset some other goals for the rest of the year. Great idea!!

  10. Enjoy! I'm visiting from Follow Me Back Tuesday. I signed up to be a new follower.

  11. Wonderful suggestions and ideas! Hope you have a GREAT next seven days! Love your positive attitude!

  12. good luck to the seminar and have fun in your vacation.

    Thanks for sharing these thoughts and I will do it also, look back and celebrate.

  13. I talked to a woman last week, I think it was, who called and asked if she could sing in the ceremony I'm putting together for my community service project. She then said she was scared to death of getting up in front of people but this was her "year of changes" and that she was doing things that made her uncomfortable so that she could grow as a person. That really inspired me! I feel like my life is on hold because I can't afford to go anywhere or do anything but once I get things back on track, I want to have a year of changes too! The woman says she did it one other time and was amazed at the growth she felt from it.

    The only real accomplishment I'll be celebrating this month is having my ceremony pulled off without a hitch! I think it'll work out!

    I hope you enjoy your seminar and your vacation.

  14. u are right to be proud any achievement is better than none, bravo.

  15. yes you are right we should look at things we do and not just as a check of list. Thanks for the tips..


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