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Monday, July 25, 2011

A Prayer for the People of Norway and for all victims of violence and terror | The Peace Pastor | a blog
God of life, God of love:
In the face of unbearable tragedy we turn to you;
hear our cry, listen to our prayers, to our words, to our silence …
God of healing, God of mercy:
Hear our prayers for the people of Norway;
for all in deep distress, for all who grieve, for the injured and the shocked, for those in despair.
May they be cared for and comforted.
For all in the emergency services working long hours to search, to listen, to care, to protect, to heal.
May they be given strength and also find support.
God of mercy, God of peace:
Hear our prayers for all around the world facing terror and unspeakable violence;
May violence be overcome and the path to peace be found.
All human life is fragile, each of us is precious in your eyes,
Teach us to value one another as you value us.
God of justice, God of courage:
We pray for all leaders in times of crisis,
That they may act for the common good, offering hope and not fear.
God of courage, God of transformation:
We pray for our churches,
That they may be places of openness and forgiveness, planting the values of peace and justice in society.
Transform all fundamentalism and vengeance into attitudes that make for reconciliation.
May we learn to be children of your kingdom of love.
God of all grace and all thankfulness:
In gratitude we pray, giving thanks for the prayers and encouragement which come from so many people and places at this time of suffering, pain and mourning. We learn global solidarity in a time of crisis; may we not forget one another in less stressful times ahead.
These prayers and the heavy silence of our hearts we offer in the name of your son Jesus Christ who trod the path of peace in the face of violence.
Thanks to Reverend Chuck Currie who passed this on via twitter.
Marty Troyer prayers for all kinds of people as pastor of Houston Mennonite Church. Join us Sunday to pray, grieve, and process a faithful Christian response to the prevalence of violence in our world, 10:45AM in Spring Branch or visit us online at Follow Marty by subscribing below or @thepeacepastor on Twitter.
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  1. Great post, Coreen. Yes---there are 'nuts' all over this world... Don't know why people can take other people's lives without a second thought. Such a shame and a heartbreak for those families..

  2. May God show us all his mercy!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  4. I too will say Amen.

    Thanks for putting this on.

  5. Hi Coreen,

    I am praying for them, dear.
    Thank you for sharing your heart, and your words of wisdom with the world, sweet Coreen.
    God bless you, and those you love!!
    I follow your amazing blog, and I would love to remain in touch with you, Coreen.
    Please, visit my site, if you wish. I write poetry, stories, thoughts, comments, inspirational tales, and so on. I would love to hear from you again.
    My Poetry Site is:
    All the best.
    Blessings and Prayers,
    Poet Starry Dawn.

  6. Amen! and I knew you would take care of my thoughts, thank you!

    1 more week, then regular again, hopefully. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  7. it was a sad event... your post is so thoughtful... thanks for sharing the prayer with us ... .may god bless the souls...

  8. Amen, thank you for sharing this prayer. Blessings.


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