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"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." ~ John Quincy Adams

Friday, February 1, 2013

True Leadership with Intergrity

"Let this be our time in history so that someday we can tell our children and grandchildren that we were there, that we changed the course of history for the better." ~ Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
Naomi and I with Gov. Scott Walker
"We need leaders who think about the next generation (our children), not the next election." ~Gov. Scott Walker 
Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, is a person with conservative values, integrity and one whom does not sway from their principles or beliefs; despite relentlessly hostile political environments at times.  He and his family have been stalked and threatened; yet he did not back down or go against what he felt was right.  

He has taken often difficult, bold steps to bring economic freedom and prosperity to the his state.  Never giving up or giving in, makes him a true fighter and a great example of leadership.  It was a thrill and honor to meet and speak with him tonight.
"Looking at American's history, ordinary people did something extraordinary.  Leaders risked their lives for freedoms that we take for granted today.  That's what instills confidence.  That's us.  We will move forward and prosper because that's who we are as Americans." ~Gov. Scott Walker
Gov. Scott Walker Recall Election Victory Speech


  1. I always say a silent prayer for our leaders. They have so much responsibility. So many depend on them.

  2. Glad you got to meet him. Those with integrity and values are few and far between in politics.

  3. I'm impressed with these snippets from the governors speech. I esp like, "We need leaders who think about the next generation (our children), not the next election." That attitude doesn't characterize a lot of our elected officials. I wish this spirit would spread to other leaders! Good post.

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