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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Every Monday Matters - Are You Prepared?

Monday used to be the least favorite day of the week, but that is changing. EMM is based on the idea that every Monday people can make a difference in their life and the lives of those around them. No matter how big or small the actions, they matter. And not only do people have the power to make change, they have a social responsibility to do so. Not out of guilt, but out of an appreciation for every living thing in the world. Together, each person can make a difference in the world and raise the collective consciousness, thereby creating a legacy worth participating in…one Monday at a time.

This Week's EMM: Be Prepared - Learn CPR!
“Despair is most often the offspring of ill-preparedness” ~ Don Williams Jr

- Cardiac arrest may be caused by drowning, drug overdoses, poisoning, electrocution, and many other conditions.

- 95% of sudden cardiac arrest victims die before reaching the hospital.

- Nearly 80% of all out-of-hospital cardiac arrests happen at home.

- 4 to 6 minutes after someone experiences cardiac arrest, brain death starts to occur.

- CPR helps maintain vital blood flow to the heart and brain and increases the amount of time that an electric shock from a defibrillator can be effective.

- CPR can double a victim’s chance of survival.


+ Learn the basics of CPR.

+ Find a place near you that teaches CPR. (see list below)

+ Sign up for a class with a family member, a friend, or even your kids.

+ Learn CPR. It only takes a few hours.

+ Keep a first aid kit with CPR guidelines in a kitchen cupboard, your office, your car, and anywhere else you frequent. It may come in handy during emergency situations. Tell people around you that it's there in case they need to perform CPR.


What if you could have saved a life had you known CPR? What if you needed help and no one around you could help you? Take a few hours today to learn this life-saving skill. It can change your life—and someone else’s life—forever.

For more information about the Every Monday Matters movement visit:

September is National Preparedness Month!

For nearly a century, the American Red Cross has trained people to prepare for emergencies and save lives through disaster and health and safety education and training. Contact your local chapter today to learn more about how you can prepare yourself and your family for ANY emergency that may arise. Don't wait until it's too late!

For a list of free and affordable kits and training visit the following websites:

National CPR Certification on-line training:

National Registry of CardioPulmonary Resuscitation:

Free Disaster Preparedness Kits:

Ready America Program - Free downloads and kits:

FEMA Free Kits:

ASPCA Disaster Preparedness Kits for Pets:

More resources:

American Red Cross: 
Red Cross Preparedness Fast Facts

American Heart Association:

National Safety Council: 
NSC Emergency Preparedness Resources
"People can start today to take care of themselves. That's an important ingredient in the scenario of things is self-preparedness." ~ Sheriff Richard Meyer
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  1. As a childcare teacher, we are required to learn and maintain our CPR certification. I've recently learned that most people haven't heard about the changes in the procedure. Hmmmm....

    We're required to learn it for infants, small children and adults.

    You're right, everyone should know CPR!

  2. I agree...I HAD to learn CPR when one of my grandchildren had a heart rhythm problem...all I could think was...why didn't I learn this earlier? You just never know....

  3. CPR is something everyone needs to know. My husband does. Do you know they have eliminated the breathing part? It's now only the chest compressions. Every single minute is precious, our days are numbered. And Monday is a bug chunk of them!!

  4. Thank you for your most enlighening post.
    Very thought provoking, will be thinking about this today,

    Have a good day.

  5. Thank you for the reminder of how important this can be. And thanks for all the links!

  6. Yes, CPR is very important - for everyone!


  7. I was just talking to my 14 yr. old to sign up to learn cpr. good post.

  8. Such a great post, all needs to learn CPR

  9. Coreen, thank you for stopping by. I love meeting new people so here I am and you know what, I'm happy. I love your blog and thoughts and ideas. Your Monday Matters are really great. CPR is important. Me as a daycare mom, scout mom, wife and more it's needed. Thanks you for the reminder.
    I'm off to read a bit more and also I am now following you. Keep up the great work.
    Take care and God Bless!!!

  10. I know CPR! Just never had to use it, thank God.

  11. I learned many years ago, I should go again. I have actually performed the hymlic on a friends son years ago. I do not hate Mondays at all:) Back to school day, I have a free day:)

  12. This is such a good reminder! Everyone should know CPR. I learned it a year back. I am so glad about this post!!!

    Happy Monday, my dear!! :) :)

  13. This is a great post!! Really makes you think!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  14. very interesting read dear, thanks for sharing xx

  15. back from having company. i was required to take cpr when i worked as a social worker. if you think of it, everyone could be facing a situation that cpr is needed. more places should require this to be taught. good post. rose


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