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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What's wrong with my son? Part I

My youngest son was born 10 weeks premature. I was told it was normal to be developmentally delayed the first year. However something never seems quite right. At age 2, he still wasn’t talking. I had him tested numerous times for hearing loss. That wasn’t the cause. Our local school district started providing speech therapy. He started talking by the time he was 3.

Several other developmental delays were still evident. As well as sever sensitivity to stimuli of any type; noises, smells, too many people. We went to numerous doctors and had dozens of test done. No one seemed to understand what was exactly wrong.

My son started attending a special education preschool in a neighboring town 15 miles away. While there, what appeared to be behavioral issues started to emerge. The teachers were convinced that he had ADHD and requested testing. I had no experience with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder. The test came back agreeing with the teachers and medication was recommended. Although I did not like the idea giving him medication, I had to agree that he seemed a little out of control at times. I also wanted him be more cooperative and do well at school.

At age 5 he started kindergarten. His teacher was a dear friend. She was wonderful with him and he had a good year. In first grade, everything changed. The teacher had preconceived notions and never saw past them. My son couldn’t seem to do anything right to please her. Classmates were allowed to tease and bully my son and he didn’t want to go to school anymore. It was a horrible year.

An IQ test done in preschool showed that he was indeed very smart in some areas. Math always came very easily for him and still does. He could play Nintendo at age 3, even before he talked well. And he could create anything with lego and knex building toys. However there were significant learning difficulties in reading and writing; major elements in education.

The next 4 years were spent trying to find answers and help for my son. My main concern was getting him an education. We tried special schools and tutors until the age of 11. That is when a new doctor changed his medications that spun him out of control. He did not have ADHD after all. A 2 day hospital stay was needed to take him off medications, a very scary experience for us both.

Soon after, a highly recommended doctor finally had a new patient opening. She was the answer to my prayers. The head of developmental pediatrics at Monroe-Meyer Institute, she had him tested differently than ever before. The diagnosis was Asperger Syndrome; commonly referred to as High Functioning Autism. We finally had answers and an ally to work with our home school district on ways to help him learn. It was the help we needed for a fresh start. At least we hoped…………..

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  1. I always knew that you were talented Coreen, but I never knew that you were such a good author! How is B doing? My gosh he must be close to finishing school by now, or did some time past, wow where does the time go!


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