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"Fill your mind with light, happiness, hope, feelings of security and strength, and soon your life will reflect these qualities." ~Unknown

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"The Greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance!" ~Brian Tracy

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"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." ~ John Quincy Adams

Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Aloha Friday!

Hello again!  I'm so glad it's Friday.  I'm exhausted!  I've been so busy this week.  Too busy to even visit blogs this week, work on mine or even thank my commenter's.  My Apologies!  It didn't help that the Internet has been up and down all week.  Of course it's been down when I've had a few moments.  That's the way it goes sometimes! :-)

I came across this Happy Aloha Friday post last week, and since I LOVE Hawaii... I thought I would do it again.  Remember 'Eye Girl' with 'Half Full Friday' is on hiatus for her wedding this month.  I will still include what I'm happy for this week later in this post.

If you want to join in the fun? Post your own question on your blog and leave your link at the Aloha Friday post at An Island Life. Then you can visit the other participants if you wish...It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends or see what people are thinking about this week and join in a conversation or two if you like.

Here is my question:  If you won the lottery, would you continue to work?  Why or Why Not and in what way? 

My answer:  I would work, just not my current job.  I would follow my dreams and passion with with a step by step plan to reach my goals.  Instead of waiting for the 'right time' as I need to currently.   

My dream job would be to really learn to write and present 'storyteller' style in order to encourage and inspire people.  A top priority would be helping 'Special' children who have no one to 'fight' for them.  With an extra focus on Asperger Syndrome Children and Awareness.
"Knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of happiness." - George Santayana
Now for my regular Half Full Friday followers, here is what I'm Happy for this week:
  • I am very happy that my son is so excited about his second year of college starting soon.
  • I am happy that it was much cooler this week and I could walk more!
  • I am happy I got to go to the lake with friends again last weekend!
  • I am happy that the guys are back this week at work & that students will be back on Monday.  It's been way to quite for me.
  • I am happy for a small family gathering this week!
  • I am very happy with 'myself' this week! :-)
"If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes." - Andrew Carnegie
Love & Hugs Always,
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  1. That's okay you've been busy. And that final quote is great!

  2. I am unable to work due to a back injury so we NEED to win the lottery!

  3. You stole my idea for what I would do if I won the lottery. Well after I set up trusts for my boys, helped out my parents, sibling and put enough money away that hubby could tell the working world to shuv it too.

    Half full Friday- things are quiet right now. Maybe that is what I am thankful for, I always wait for the other show to drop, but right now all is calm. So for that I am thankful.

  4. nope. i would write full time...

    have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Well, since I am a brand new follower, I thought you maybe only posted on Fridays! Glad to see you were just real busy! Well, if I won the lottery, yes I would still continue to work. But my jobs are special. I babysit for a child I love very much, so would never quit that. And the rest of my work is all for the church. It has been cooler here, too, yes!! Hope your internet problems go away and that you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I am really glad that you always takes time to count the little things that you should be thankful for. You should be proud that your son seems to love studying. Your one lucky mom, I could say.

    I hope you win the lottery asap...there'd be someone who will fight for the children. Have a happy weekend.

  7. Do love your list. Being happy with yourself, guess that is my fav....Weell I may work??

  8. Don't worry about not visiting, you're not the only one especially today. I was up to the early hours doing a blog and I got 3 comments instead of the 10+

    If I won the lottery I would make sure my three children and grandchildren were alright,
    as I don't work I would buy a place of my own
    then travel.

    Have a lovely weekend

  9. I know what you mean about being busy... this has been a crazy week as we're moving business locations and offices were moved this week... As for winning the lottery, if I won the lottery I would take it as some kind of divine sign as I've yet to play the lottery (and don't plan to start playing).

  10. I think I'd work if I won the lottery too. I'd probably only do it part time though. Or I'd volunteer more. I like where I volunteer now but I think I'd add another volunteer job once or twice during the week. Just enough to keep me busy.

    I'm happy that you're happy with yourself this week!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Coreen!

  11. If I won the lottery id come visit all my good friends in the USA, take u all for a meal :)

  12. i can relate re time and getting to the blod world. love your lottery answer. I'm retired, so no, and uncertain . rose

  13. :) hmm... yes i would still work .. and like you ..follow my heart and not the needs!

  14. YES! Life is too short to not work. ;) And like you, I would do what I love (write - though I haven't done it for money, yet). I would hire some pro's to help me catch up on some household projects, too.
    PS You're not the only one not blogging this past week. I have done very little for the past couple. ;0

  15. PPS - I posted the talk about healing today on my blog. Just thought I'd let you know since you were interested in reading it. Have a great day! :D

  16. just wanted to say i appreciate your comment on my blog re military. If my son were killed in the war, it would be so tough. rose

  17. I would probably not stay in my current position...however fund personal projects such as an art school for underpriveledged children Take care of my children and grandchildren, etc.

    Art by Karena


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