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Monday, November 29, 2010

Every Monday Matters - Save Lives! Donate Blood!

By erintard
Save Lives! Donate Blood!


- Every 2 seconds someone needs blood.

- 38,000 pints of blood are used each day in the U.S.

- Nearly 500 hospitals cancelled elective surgery due to blood inventory shortages.

- Demand for blood is rising much faster than donations. In fact, donations are declining.

- 1 pint of blood can save up to 3 lives—maybe even the life of someone you know.

- 60% of the population is eligible to donate, but only 3.2% do on a yearly basis.

- The #1 reason donors say they give is because they “want to help others.”

- Anyone who is in good health, is at least 17 years old, and weighs at least 110 pounds may donate blood every 56 days. View a full list of eligibility requirements online at:


+ Find a blood donor location near you and schedule an appointment today.

+ Donate blood. The blood donation process takes approximately 30 minutes.

+ When you donate, you’ll receive a donor card stating your blood type. Keep the card in your wallet.

+ Put yourself on a regular donating schedule of once every 56 days.

+ If you have type O-negative blood, the universal donor type, your blood is especially needed because it can be used in emergencies.


There is no substitute for human blood. Human blood is precious and can’t be manufactured outside of the body. If you gave blood 4 times a year for the next 10 years, you would save 120 lives. Think of how many lives you could save if you gave blood for the rest of your life! Saving just one life should be convincing enough.

What is the Every Monday Matters program?

Monday used to be the least favorite day of the week, but that is changing. EMM is based on the idea that Every Monday people can make a difference in their life and the lives of those around them. No matter how big or small the actions, they matter. And not only do people have the power to make change, they have a social responsibility to do so. Not out of guilt, but out of an appreciation for every living thing in the world. Together, each person can make a difference in the world and raise the collective consciousness, thereby creating a legacy worth participating in…one Monday at a time.

For more information about the EMM movement visit:
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  1. Wish needles didn't make me almost pass out. (Note I didn't say 'faint' - that's not very manly.)

  2. I am what is known as a "Universal Donar" can give blood to anyone. I have the Rheus Negative O type. but because of medication I have to take am unable to give blood. such a shame. Everyone who is able to do should donate day in the future it may be them that needs it.


  3. They love to see me, I am O negative. I lost track how much I have shared.I got started when a coach needed a lot and they charged a fee to disperse it rather than the full amount for blood.Working in a hospital the nun in charge always made sure I had been in recently.

  4. Hi Coreen, Not must Mondays--but EVERY DAY matters... Right????

    Great idea to give blood... One of my best friends who has cancer (and is losing the battle) -- has to have blood transfusions frequently these days. SHE is only one of many who need that blood.


  5. i really do need to give blood more...i dont have a great affinity for needles, but...

  6. I give at least a couple of times a year as rotating clinics make their way nearby. My blood collects very VERY slowly, and it's not at all uncommon for me to see 2 and even 3 people arrive, give and depart before mine is done. Still.. it's important. Good post.

  7. I denoted blood when I was in college.
    I fainted...
    not everyone can give, they have requirement of the quality...

    what a sweet shout out.
    you rock!

  8. I used to donate blood but then they said I couldn't anymore because I'd been in Europe in the 80's and they're worried about Mad Cow Disease. I hadn't even heard of it until several years after we moved back to the States and have never shown any signs of it but they still won't take it.

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the sweet comments you're always leaving me on my blog. You're so sweet!

  9. Whoa! That'll remind me that I'm still fit to help someone around me. Thanks, Coreen! Have a beautiful day! :)

  10. This is very good to remind everyone! Jesus shed his blood for ALL of us, so the least we can do is give to save someone. They will not take blood from my husband because his blood pressure is too low!! Strange, huh?

  11. Very cool! I used to work for the blood bank and know that every drop counts!

  12. you are doing a real job!! real real job of educating people around you ........ you make me feel so good.. and i am so glad i know you!!

  13. Not sure if my previous comment to this is awaiting review or if it flew off into cyberspace :)

    Thanks for the information about blood and the need for giving. I give some, but apparently not enough. Very interesting post. wb


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