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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Knowledge Changes Things

"They say that 'time changes things' but I believe that it's really 'knowledge' that does." ~Me
When I look back on my life, I realize that it wasn't time that changed feelings and relationships, it was the knowledge or the truth that did.   From finding out what someone did or what someone said that wasn't true.  To seeing the face of betrayal or hearing the words of abuse.   Those events cause change in our lives, not from the time that passes, but from the knowledge gained.  

As an example, many feel their first love will last forever, but then they fall out of love later.  It's not time that changed things for some couples, it's the realization that one or the other is not the person they thought or believed them to be.  Maybe they had blinders on and didn't see their true character; and that their real values in life were very different or they just grew in differenct directions.  No matter the reason, these couples just aren't a match or good for each other anymore.  Either way, I feel it's the knowledge gained that changed the feelings and relationship. 

In my own life I've reacted to situations or friendships badly at times, because I didn't have all the facts... so I could understand.  The knowledge at the time, of what was really going on or what someone was going through.  I've felt bad when the truth came out and I changed my opinions, perspectives and even feelings... because of the knowledge I received or gained.

Eye-opening experiences, both kind and not so kind, change who we are.  It's knowledge, realizing the truth and accepting responsibility for both our actions and the actions of others that we allowed or can't control in our lives, that help us to grow... not time.  

I know people who have not grown or changed in their entire life.  Instead of taking the knowledge and lessons from life to make positive changes, they blame and complain; not taking responsibility for either their actions or when they didn't do anything to better a situation.   They seem to have not learned (knowledge) from their experiences in order to change their lives.  In cases like these, time hasn't changed a thing.

I will say though, that taking the time needed to go through the processes of life is needed.  Because each step in a process, gives us strength and confidence to make good decisions with peace of mind.   No doubt that taking our time, especially when making life changing decisions, is a good idea.

"I hope you all use the knowledge gained in your lives to make the decisions that bring you happiness and peace!" ~Coreen

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  1. I love the thoughts in your post today Coreen. I think that's the whole point of life isn't it? To grow and learn from everything around us. I too know people who's minds seem 'closed' and have not grown or changed their entire life.

    I feel sad for them.

    Excellent post!
    xo Catherine

  2. Wonderful post. Yes, we each should take our bad experiences and learn from them. I always say, chalk this one up to educational expense, when it is bad...but use that knowledge for the next time around.

    We all grow and change and our reaction to those changes is what determines the kind of life attitude we have.

  3. Great post. I know people who never reflect back on what an experience in life has taught them. They plunge forward and don't realize that the lessons gained from the past are the most valuable. Lots to think about here!

  4. Great post, Coreen. YES---we all need to keep learning---to keep growing--to step out in faith, make mistakes and learn from them.. That's LIFE.

  5. Such true wise words! thank you

  6. Some people don't learn because they won't accept responsibility.

  7. Most enjoyable to read Coreen, ........a real pleasure.

    Thanks for your visit and comment, very much appreciated.


  8. Honestly, I never considered this topic, but you are right! Thanks for causing me to stop and think! Thanks for encouraging me at my blog too!

  9. YEEHAW! Coreen is back! I have so missed you my dear, this is the Coreen I know.

    Now I don't know about knowledge but I have learned to wait and change perspectives. All things seem and feel different when you look at them from another point of view.

    Welcome home my friend. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  10. i would def agree it is knowledge and maturity that promote change over does take time but so much more...

    good to see you. smiles.

  11. Insightful! Inspirational!
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the visit. :)


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