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Monday, September 19, 2011

Direction Essentials

"Singleness of purpose is one of the chief essentials for success in life, no matter what may be one's aim." ~John D. Rockefeller 

As I work to find new direction in my life, I am reminded that real change is a result of hard work, focus and direction.  I can work hard and focus when I try, but knowing which direction to take is much tougher.

I have others who depend on me.  That, along with having no one to take care of me... but Me... causes  long and hard thoughts about the direction and the decisions I must make in each and every phase of my life.

Changes can be difficult for anyone at anytime.  However for me, they are usually for the best.  So I focus on that, believing that God has a better plan while giving me a new direction.

Today I've been thinking about the 'essentials' to life and the direction I want mine to go.  Essentials don't just include food and shelter.  For me they include being honest, trustworthy and following my personal values.

That can be difficult in some environments, especially in workplaces where money and personal benefits outweigh doing what is fair or right at times.

I would rather spend my life doing what I feel is right... even if I don't accomplish as much as some people or make nearly as much money.

Directions that bring me satisfaction, peace and happiness are 'essential' to my own life!  How about you?
Roll up your sleeves, lad, and begin;
Disarm misfortune with a grin;
Let discontent not wag your chin-
Let gratitude.

Don't try to find things all askew;
Don't be afraid of what is new;
Nor banish as unsound, untrue,
A platitude.

If folks don't act as you would choose
Remember life is varied; use
Your common sense; don't get the blues;
Show latitude.

Sing though in quavering sharps and flats,
Love though the folk you love are cats,
Work though you're worn and weary-
that's the attitude.
Poet: St. Clair Adams  

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  1. you are a strong woman!! sometimes i feel as if i have been plain selfish in following my ideals... if i would have earned money i could have stood up for so many people who are so near to my soul and who need financial security... but then... you have no control over your inner voices and directions... as usual i am still clueless about what is right and what is not... insightful post... thanks for sharing your thots with us...


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