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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Coupon Customer Service

By Coreen Trost, Entreprenerial Center Office Manager, IWCC E-Center Iowa Biz Talk Blog

Does your business use coupons? If you do, how do you or your employees treat the customers who use them? Do you thank them for using the coupon? Or do your cashiers roll their eyes and check the expiration date like you are the biggest annoyance that had walked through their door all day.

I am a big coupon user and have many experiences with coupons. Some of these are bad experiences and they have determined if I will ever return to a business.

I recently went into a chain store type business where they have weekly ads with coupons. I like to stop by and check out the weekly specials, even if I don’t need something. I often pick up a bargain or stock up on some things that I use a lot of. Who doesn’t in this economy?

During this visit, there was already a coupon ad flyer in the hand basket that I picked up when I first walked in. I looked through the ad and quickly found something I can always stock up on. I grabbed the item and tore out the coupon while I stood in the checkout line.

The cashier was so rude! She grabbed the coupon, crumpled it and threw it in the trash while exclaiming that it was from last week. Although I had made a simple mistake, she made me feel like a thief.

This stores new coupons start on Sunday mornings and this was Wednesday afternoon. Maybe they should clean out the baskets more frequently. However more importantly, I didn’t do it on purpose. I swear I was not trying to steal $2.00 worth of sugar-free jello. Really?!

Guess what, I’m not going back to that store anytime soon. No matter how much I can save on hairspray. I can go to lots of other places for a bargain and better customer service. Those are the businesses that will get my hard earned dollars.


  1. The cashier should have been nice about it. A talk with the manager might have made you feel better!

  2. I have become picky about who gets my money. I want value, but I also want good, polite service.

  3. Ouch. I find it quite annoying with bad customer service .I tend to be extra kind just to make a point

  4. I think you should write a letter to the store and tell them what happened. That's ridiculous! Stores attract a lot of business using coupons!

  5. sad..they are supposed to be customer friendly..thats the biggest skill-set required when you are dependent on the spends of people to run your business.. next time you should tell them politely and STRONGLY that such behavior is not to be tolerated....!!! ... sometimes they are irritated due to hard work and less pay.... hope you are over the incident...take care....i am sorry that it made you feel bad....

  6. I don't blame you! My company uses coupons and the way the store handles that exchange can in-directly reflect badly on the company (even though they had nothing to do with how the employee dealt with the situation).


  7. niggly bitch lol u should have slapped her hehhee xx

  8. Don't blame you for being upset at all! I would've been too! I've had LOTS and LOTS of customer service training so I can't help but judge when I go somewhere and don't get the service I think I should.

    Luckily I've never had a bad experience with using coupons but I'm sure my day is coming!

  9. I would also boycott... Good idea about how those on the front lines need to always be kind

  10. It would be a cold day in hell before I would go back there. The rudeness of some who are supposed to give customer service is amazing. Like what do they think their job is anyway??? The jello is not giving her the are!!!

  11. I love coupons also, but seems like the workers do not love them

  12. I use coupons and would be very upset if treated in such a manner. I am a big letter writer and would write a letter to the manager if that does not get you any place I would ask for the district or regional manager (or owner). I know they do not want their customers treated like that. It is just not acceptable. I'm so tired of being treated rude at places where I spend my money, that I confront it. I am never rude, just very firm and state my position strongly and how it made me feel. The end result is usually positive.

  13. There is something to be said for customer service. It makes or breaks a biz. I have had the same experience with coupons. I don;t get why cashiers hate them so much. My gosh it is a simple swipe. I usually do not make blanket statements, but I do think that many min wage workers just have a chip on their shoulder because they are working for min wage. While I can empathize with the dislike of the job, it is no excuse to be a hot mess at work. If you are going to do something, do it right, or just dont bother.

  14. Write to the corp headquarters and comlpain
    Start screaming I am screaming mad about BP and thousands of gallons of oil from the center
    of the planet. Maybe the earth will fly away like a balloon does with no air inside. Poooff


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