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Thursday, May 13, 2010

They Tore the Cross Down!

The cross was put up out of respect to the fallen soldiers.  In a  country that was founded on Freedom of Religion and the right to fight for that Freedom.  We had 'faith' in the 'system' and we all need 'faith'. 

The system finally worked and the Cross could remain where it has been for 70 years.  So the people who didn't win, took it down and stool it in the middle of the night, hiding behind 'darkness'.  Darkness in more ways than one. Such heros aren't they?  What has happened to our country?
Don't Tear the Cross Down!
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  1. It is a sad state. My son leaves soon for an undisclosed area to serve and protect our country as a Marine...the least we can do is hold them up in prayer and give the respect they deserve. We all enjoy safety....maybe those who do not get it....would get it if they weren't living in a safe place. Sorry...I will get off my soap box.

  2. Coreen that is down right wonder what is wrong with people and their thought very sad indeed!

  3. No, you stay on your 'soap box, Andrea!'. For your son and all those who protect our country and give us our Freedom to live in a safe place and practice whatever 'faith' we want and to put up Crosses! :-) Prayers are with you and your son! My ex-husband (and best friend still!) is now a retired Marine! My dad, brother, cousins and many friends are all war vets! So proud of them All and love them more than words can express!
    Many HUGS for you All!

  4. Cowards and thieves..that is what they are. I honor and pray for those that serve so unselfishly. I am so tired of our rights being stepped on!

  5. ignorance and hate will not win in the end...there is a reason they hide in the shadows

  6. God bless those who selfishly give to defend our country and to those who hide in the dark to tear down a cross, no punishment could be enough. I'm stackin' my soapbox high sister!!!

    God bless ya and have a beautiful day!!!

  7. I think it utterly disgusting that someone could stoop so low.


  8. I never cease to be amazed by the ugliness of some people's actions!

  9. We have a cross in our state. It up on a mountain and at night, it lights up. It's been there for many, many, many years. A few years ago, some guy who lived in another state came to visit and protested the cross in a court of law. I don't remember his exact reasoning but it was something to the effect that it was offensive to those that didn't believe in God. Personally, I was offended by this jackhole who didn't even live here trying to tell us what to do. Eventually he gave up the fight, saying that it was too difficult to dispute since he lived in another state. Our cross still stands today.

  10. sad, very sad, nothing is scared, thanks for sharing Coreen xx

  11. They do the same here too, in Australia. Graffiti on Shrines of Remembrance and break down gravestones.

    They don't have the courage of a mouse, always needing the cover of the night to show their disrespect to those who have fought so they may live in freedom.

  12. That's so disrespectful! I really don't like people who try to force their views on other people by trying to take the opposite view away from whomever holds it! So wrong on every level!

  13. I saw the people that were the caretakers of the cross on the news- So sad that some people must cowardly destroy something so meaningful.

    Stopping by from TwitterMoms. Saw that you have a blog on special needs children and so do I....maybe we can follow each other? My blog can be found here-

    Thank you, and keep up the good work educating and advocating for special needs children!

  14. I think we all have lost the fact that this country was founded by people who fled England to come here for the freedom of religion. We have allowed politics to encroach into to much of our life. We are so worried about being "polictically correct" . There was a time when you said the Pledge of Allegiance in schools. You took your hat off when the flag came by.
    I will stop now, I could go on and on and on ...Thanks for sharing

  15. I totally agree with you, Evelyn & everyone else who is and has spoken up with a comment and/or decussion this week!! Thank you all for sharing your opinions of the 'silent' MAJORITY' of this country. I have a feeling that 'silent' majority isn't going to be 'silent' much longer!!! I think many people have had enough of this behavior and realize that keeping 'silent' isn't working for us. :-) ~ Coreen

  16. That disgusts me. Really, so very sad. Since when did this become an atheist country? By restricting the religious beliefs of those who believe in Christ, or whoever else is believed in (I am not well versed in religions) causes this country to be atheistic. That just makes me so very sad! Such a sad story.


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