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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Fever

Spring Fever is always a great excuse for cleaning out the clutter in our lives too. Whatever that clutter maybe.  For me it's different every year.  Sometimes it's in my house and sometimes it's things in my life.  This year it's both.

I have been so busy getting my house ready to sell and planning my life after the move.  I am exhausted and very excited all at the same time.  I must have Spring Fever! 

I feel like a child ready for school to be out for the summer.  Looking forward to summer adventures and lots of changes and growth that occur outwardly during that time. 

As an adult I can feel and see the possitive changes and growth inside of me during the spring each year.  This is my favorite season because I can be outside again after a long winter.  Enjoying the sunshine and all the outdoor activities I love so much.  I certainly think being outside in the sunshine and getting exercise helps all of us in some way to feel better.   

Even if all our ideas, plans and activities make us crazy busy and exhausted at the end of the day.  We still love having Spring Fever every year!  Right?  Well, I do!  How about everyone else? :-)


  1. I am enjoying the beautiful spring that has burst forth....
    Hugs, andrea

  2. I love Spring too! I am busy outside every chance I get. In fact today I was thinking soon my blogging will be slowing down, as I will not be indoors as much! Have fun!

  3. I'm feeling anxious for summer, too! I'm with Debbie, I'm loving being outside so much, I'm worried that my blog is definitely going to suffer!!

  4. Ha.. this is why I got myself a laptop for Christmas. So I could sit outside in the sunshine and still be out line. Humm... I may end up with some strange tan lines if I'm not carefull. LOL We'll see how this bright idea of mine works out! :-)

  5. spring is the endless possibilities are possible...everything fresh and new...yep i got the fever..

  6. Hey,so sad we never experience spring here. hey here wishing you a great weekend and to tell you something, after reading this post of yours, i need to read some pondering too.

    thank you once again

  7. I haven't got spring fever yet as our weather is cold, wet and miserable, Thanks for sharing a wonderful blog.

  8. Hi there, thank you for visiting my blog home. Returning the visit and liking this experience. Spring's great after the barmy winter days. Warm sunshine certainly gives us a sense of renewal and hope.

  9. Oh, I know! I cleaned out everyone's closet (except mine of course) this week and got their rooms all organized. It feel so good!

  10. I'm on Spring Break and looking forward to Spring Cleaning! (After I read 10 books, of course!)

  11. We are doing that too. I was forced into it but the feeling is sooooo goooood! Moving does help you get rid of clutter. I wish you happiness.

  12. I know what you mean!! I love the thaw of spring! Its like being totally rejuvenated year by year. Love the post!

    (Found during Follow Friday! Can't wait to read more!)

  13. Happy Friday Follow. Now following!

    Please stop by and join

  14. I am sooo looking forward to summer too- but my legs are in need of a tan before I can don shorts ;-)Happy Friday Follow- stop by my place when you can!

  15. Nice to meet you.Happy Friday follow!

  16. I've had spring fever since January. Mother Nature seems to have other plans though. This whole week has brought some pretty nasty weather! This weekend is supposed to be in the 70's though which I'm thrilled about.

  17. I am so glad Spring is here, and I can't wait to have some fun outdoors!

  18. Hi There, Thanks for stopping by my blog. So you are in Iowa??? I don't think I have any blog friends yet from Iowa... So NEAT...

    Congrats on your move... I know you will be happy with it once it's done. That certainly will save you a bunch of money on gas. But--I do know that it is hard work to prepare to move... What to keep--what not to keep, etc....

    When I moved to TN from TX--I finally got rid of so much junk... It was hard--but felt so good once it was done.

    Good Luck... Hope you have time to come back to my blog.

  19. I definitely have Spring Fever - after this winter, we deserve a fabulous spring...I want to be outside enjoying it! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I just moved to the Omaha area and I think we picked the wrong winter to move here.... ha ha

  20. I think we all have this kind of spring cleaning to do. Purging things from our physical and mental lives. Hoping I will be successful this year with at least one of them, lol.


  21. Oh I've had spring fever since January :) I love spring and the warmth and good feelings it brings.


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