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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trusting a Mother's (Or Dad's) Intuition

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” - Albert Einstein
Do you trust your own Intuition? I have a very strong intuition, but I don’t always listen to it. I second guess myself and then over analyze or think too much.

However when there is an emergency with one of my children, I only have time to react using my intuition. That has turned out for the best many times.

When my oldest son was a toddler he became very sick. Months went by with him remaining sick. Once in the hospital a specialist was brought in who went in the lab and ran test himself in order to get the correct diagnosis. He saved my son’s life. Twice!

The staff doctor argued about the specific diet my son was to have. Something inside of me knew my son would die if that doctor was allowed to limit my son’s diet. He had already lost half his body weight and still didn’t feel like eating.

I was able to find the specialist, before he was about to leave the hospital to fly back home. He totally agreed with me, placed hospital orders for my son, and had a talk with the staff doctor before leaving.

When my youngest son was an infant and very sickly from being 10 weeks premature, he was in the hospital for pneumonia for the 3rd time. The doctor ordered the same antibiotic that had never worked in the past. He always started off with that one, only to order something else a week later. It had happened 3 previous times.

I spoke up and asked if he ever looked at my son’s chart to see that Amoxicillin never worked. He told me that I wasn’t a doctor. I told him he wasn’t God and that medical charts were kept for a reason. I requested another doctor, who agreed that my son needed a strong antibiotic ‘that worked’. He ordered the one that had worked previously and immediately. That may have saved his life.

Another time, my oldest son had a lifting accident in which 340 pounds fell on his foot. His little toe was smashed, with the bone sticking out and all. He layer in the emergency room for hours before they finally gave him something for the pain and an ER doctor was available to see him.

That ER doctor was very arrogant and abrupt. He said they were busy and that my son really needed an orthopedic surgeon. However he also said that they wouldn’t be able to get one off the golf course on a Saturday in July. So he was just going to wrap up my son’s foot and send him home. Told me I could call an orthopedic surgeon on Monday. Two days from then.

Again, my intuition kicked in and I said NO! That I wanted an orthopedic surgeon today! The nurses started making phone calls. Meanwhile the ER doctor pulls me from my son to yell at me. He said I embarrassed him in front of his nurses and that there was nothing an orthopedic surgeon could do that he couldn’t.

I’m pretty sure they would disagree, given their extensive extra training. This doctor was too busy and didn’t do anything but offer to wrap my son’s foot, with the bone sticking out and all.

The orthopedic surgeon did come off the golf course that day. However he certainly didn’t mind and was glad I had insisted. The surgeon said my son would have had Gangrene by that following Monday; two days after the accident. He said my son would have lost at least his foot if I had waited. My son still lost his toe during surgery but the surgeon was able to save his foot. So again I was glad that my intuition kicked in and that I listened to it.
"Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do." - Benjamin Spock
So trusting our Parental Intuition can save our child's life!  Have any of you had similar experiences?
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  1. Always trust your intuition, I am the same way husband kind of freaks out when I pick up on things, especially when it is our kids. I am glad you where persistent in the sure paid off!

  2. Coreen, I didn't know you had been through so much with your boys. They need to count their blessing everyday that you are their mother. My have always been pretty healthy, allergies the oldest when young, gas problems with the youngest, emergency room pretty much knew me by name. You are a great mom, who needs more than that out of life? Linda

  3. Yes. Your stories brought back memories. My youngest was sick continually and her pediatrician just blew it off. I waited until he was on vacation and his on call doctor saw her and immediately ordered tests for cystic fibrosis. He said that her symptoms were very similar and he wanted to rule everything out. The pediatrician came back and saw that this other doctor had ordered all the tests and he called the house at almost 10 pm and told me that since I wanted to be the doctor, he was no longer going to take my daughter's case. He and I exchanged words and for the first time, I was proud of myself that I stood up for what I believed.

    We have to trust our intuitions. Our kids need us to.

  4. How forunate your intuition saved your son.
    When My youngest son was just a year old he was sat on my mother's lap, he looked pale and "Faraway"I thought it wasn't right.
    I went to the doctor's and told him, I was told I was making a fus about nothing, On my return home found my mother in a panic asking "where's the doctor?"
    Apparently my son had suffered a siezure and was still unconsious, so I ran back to the surgery, explained the situation and the doctor drove me home, My son was unconsious for 5 hours, it was caused by a high temperature but it could have been much worse.
    I always listen to my intuition now.
    Have a good day.

  5. Definitely trust your intuition. Doctor's should know better by now!! Mothers' are most generally always right.
    Good for you

  6. oh yeah i am a believer...your stories gave me that chill of times i have or have not listened to it...

  7. Oh, the arrogance of some doctors... how do they live with themselves?

    Definitely, definitely trust your intuition.

  8. When collegeman was 11 he had a terrible stomach ache and I knew that it was appendicitis. Hubby took him to the ER and the doctor was going to send him home with an antibiotic saying it was a stomach infection (did you ever). I yelled at her, over the phone, and told her to test him for appendicitis. She insisted that he wasn't presenting that way and I said I don't care he has appendicitis. I then put hubby on the phone and told him not to leave the hospital without taking care of that. No he didn't present like appendicitis because his appendix was behind instead of infront of his pelvic bone. If I had listened to that idiot doctor he could have died. Told my pediatrician that she was never allowed near any of my children again (she was the on-call doctor for the weekend) Don't mess with momma.

  9. Yes, Don't mess with Momma(or Daddy)!!! We know our children and I truly believe that God's angels push us to speak up in those situations! :-)

  10. Coreen,

    I never have but I am certainly glad that you trusted yours for your sons' sakes. I feel that God had a hand in giving you those pushes. Blessings

    There is an award for you on my blog today if you want it.

  11. Aa Mom's intuition is so on! My youngest son was 4 and of course it was after 5 p.m. He was complaining his ears hurt. I called the ER- Dr. on call said wait until tomorrow. I asked the Dr. if he would be there within the next 10 min, I would meet him there. Both of my son's ear drums had ruptured. He thanked me for being so persistant! Hello? I don't understand Dr.'s. Very arrogant and don't really seem to care at times. It's best when we leave it up to Mom's intuition!

  12. I don't trust my intuition when it comes to sense of direction. I tend to get lost very easily and whatever my head and heart tell me to do in that situation, it's usually the opposite of what I really should be doing.

    I don't have kids but I do have pets. I had a sickly kitty that went to the vet frequently. One time I brought him in and the vet basically told me that I wasted my $ because there was nothing wrong and I was just being overprotective. I knew that there was something wrong and pushed back. Finally, just to appease me, he ran some tests and discovered my kitty had an infection of the liver. I KNEW somthing was wrong with him! It angered me that the vet wouldn't have run those tests if I hadn't insisted they take a closer look.

  13. u have to trust your intuition, and lo and behold using it, worked for u, superb xx

  14. I enjoyed reading your post!

    I can't think of anything life-saving. Mostly, little every-day things. I knew that something was different about my son and I did follow up requesting until I found an answer that I felt at peace with.

    I hope that I have good intuition with what activities to involve my kids in and what areas they personally need to focus on to become happy adults.

    It's really tough being a parent. We do have to stand up for our kids! But it makes sense that we would have the best intuition about them if we are being honest because we care the most and would be most entitled to that type of inspiration!

  15. I remember once when my now college girl was 2- we were at a friend's home and they were having a birthday party, so there were lots of people there. We were chatting in the living room. Then, I noticed that my Sarah wasn't standing next to me anymore, and I remembered that our friends had a pool! I excused myself quickly, and ran outside- sure enough, Sarah had followed another friend's 3 year old outside and Sarah just walked into the pool.
    As I was running to the pool, another girlfriend was bringing Sarah out of the water. Sarah had been sitting on the bottom of the pool, my friend said, just looking around. She could have drowned that day, but I know my girlfriend and my intuition saved my Sarah.
    I agree that trusting our intuition is very important.
    Great post, Coreen. Got me to thinkin', and that's dangerous, LOL!
    Blessings to you as you make your home!

  16. Coreen.... intuition i have ....but what came out from your post made me cry.....not the intuition bit...but something else....YOU are an AWESOME god..........the love drips from the words...i am speechless....

  17. Your newest follower from Friday Follow! Love the blog! My intuition saved my own life! I knew something was wrong when I was pregnant and I kept insisting to my midwife that I was having mini strokes during my pregnancy. She kept telling me I was too young for that since I'm only in my 20's and said I was just having normal bouts of dizziness. I went to a Dr. and had tests ran and sure enough, I have a blood clotting disorder and that is exactly what was happening. A daily dose of baby aspirin is all it took to keep me and my babies safe but if I had not insisted on going to a Dr. I could have had a full-blown stroke at only 28 years old. Scary.



  18. Hiya!

    I’m your latest Friday Follower! I would appreciate a follow-back on Google Friends Connect and/or Networked Blogs.

  19. Happy Friday Follow - Following you. Have a great weekend. I'll be back!

  20. I'm a new Friday Follower! Visit me at and sign up for my newest giveaway!

  21. Hi, I think I have a lot of great intuitions about people in general, however, sometimes the stubborn side of me want to believe something else, and you know what? It always gets me in trouble, I am still learning to trust my instinct and listen to it more intently. I am your follower. :-)

  22. I definitely agree with going with your tuition - especially when it comes to children! I have had so many cases when my children have been ill (my youngest contracted pertussis when she was just 3 weeks old, and I got her the care she needed immediately when I could sense it was far more than "just a cold.") My husband always defers to my decision over the seriousness of an illness with our kiddos, just because 9 times out of 10, it proves to be right.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I am now following along on yours.

  23. Thanks for following me, I'm glad to follow you as well:)

    Your so right, my son was premature by 6 weeks. Having a family history of sleep apena. I strongly felt, he had it. His first week of life my husband and I stayed awake and held him while he slept. I told the doctor, he was not breathing at times and begged for a monitor.

    I was right!

  24. Great post! When my youngest was 7 weeks old he contracted pertusis (whooping cough) and if it wasn't for my mothers intuition (and plain old pushiness) he probably would have died. The first two times I took him to the ER the arrogant doctor just told me I was being a nervous mother... We were on vacation and I didn't know what to do. I followed my gut and it ended up saving my sons life.

    I am your newest follower!

  25. A mama knows. This makes me think about my friend that broke her foot last week and they sent her home late friday, with nothing around or on her foot, and told her to see the surgeon on Monday. Really can we get these guys on call on the weekends. I mean we payt hem astronomical amounts of money but we can't interrupt their golf game. Please, I probably would have driven to the course and made a scene.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  26. Here, here!!!! Good for posted: "I spoke up and asked if he ever looked at my son’s chart to see that Amoxicillin never worked. He told me that I wasn’t a doctor. I told him he wasn’t God and that medical charts were kept for a reason. I requested another doctor,..." I can't stress enough how good that made ME feel inside. Parents need to stick up for their rights and the rights of their own children. Doctors don't always know what's best!!! And even if you p!ss 'em off...who cares...the one to save is your child!! You rock girl!

    And I wanted to stop by and thank you for your wonderful, sweet comment you left for me today. I was thrilled beyond words.

  27. PS....I forgot to mention, I'm now a follower. :o)

  28. Thanks for dropping by my blog today and how interesting that your son attended La. Tech, just about 35 miles down the road. Our daughter went her first 2 years there and then graduated from LSU. Amen to your blog entry today. We have to be so PROactive in our health care and our loved ones health care today. And, heaven forbid the Dr. that wants or tries to mess with a child's Momma. God's richest blessings to you! Oh, I love the name of your blog.

  29. Hi Coreen,
    Wow, what a story. I'm so glad everything worked out for the best. I tend to trust my intuition too, but I can also say a lot of things without thinking - which too can be bad sometimes.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I' so glad you did. I too am a believer in honesty. There's no point in having a blog just to post excerpts of fiction in my opinion. Our folloers need to get to know who we are. Thanks so much for your comment :)

    I'm now following you too. So glad we crossed paths!

    take care,

  30. I always follow up instincts, it has saved me and my family more than once! Great blog.

  31. Stopping by from Friday Follow to say Hi! I am now a follower!

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  32. I trust intuition more than I do anything else. It is rarely wrong.

    But I haven't had as adventurous a life with my two kids as you have (nor want to).

    Glad I found you.

    ~ Rayna

  33. Wow, you do have some stories! I just had an intuition flash and terrifying situation lately when my 8-year-old fell off a trampoline and lost consciousness. He's fine but my instinct to yell for him to get off the trampoline while right, was two seconds late!


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