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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Teaching Teenagers With Autism How to Make Friends


  1. This is a great article I found reposted for Autism/Asperger Awareness month. So true and hopefully helpful to someone else. My son has always struggled to make friends. Every year gets better, but it still breaks my heart when he tells me how lonely he gets. I was able to finally get him a 'peer' mentor and he is helping my son socialize and work on those 'friend making' social skills. So I am hopefull! :-)

  2. Coreen that would be tough, Hoping the mentor will help him, that is cool!~ We have a young man in our neighborhood with I believe may be Aspergers....he is an awesome kid, and when he does come out to play...they all have a ball with him!~ (he is 14) and my son is almost 13, and he likes him a lot, Alex does not even know what he has...

  3. Oh that is difficult. I hope this mentor will be able help him out!! Social skills are tough for kids that age anyway. Best wishes to him and his journey!

  4. Dear Velvet,

    That is a very informative article. I am so sad for your sweet son. I will be praying that the mentor really helps him with socialization skills. Please give your son a big hug for me.


  5. P.S. Oh I would really like to hear the story there morning glory:) You know what I am talking about!!~

  6. Praying that his mentor will work miracles.

  7. thats what i do...went to the zoo with one of my kids that has autism earlier this week. we are working on social skills and somedays it is tough. thanks for the great article!

  8. My son loves his job of working with the adult autistic.....just gone on a refresher course.

    I wish you all the best.

  9. :) i shared your site and the article on facebook...trying to contribute to your effort in whichever limited manner i can....take care

  10. Thanks for this. My nephew is an Aspie. Actually, I'm pretty sure his dad, myself, and my other brothers are in the spectrum. We all are art and math-oriented science and engineering types.

    I'd forward this article on to my brother and sister-in-law, but they are tigers when it comes to gathering information for their son.

    Zach, my nephew, has been attending the ANOVA school in California. He plans on going to regular high school next year, and I'm excited and occasionally anguished at the challenges ahead of him.

  11. Hi Coreen, thanks for your note on my blog! I'd love to make you some custom shorties so let me know when you are ready to order :)

  12. You are helping so many people with similar issues. Your son is blessed to have a mom like you!

  13. I'll tell you what? I wish i could go to that class just to up my confidence levels. But, i get what you're saying- this is so good- i just hope more parents of autistic kids read your blog. They'll be glad they did :)

  14. Just found you via the Friday Follow and I'm looking forward to reading your posts. I have 2 boys on the spectrum-ages 8 and 4.

    Lisa @ All That and a Box of Rocks

  15. My nephew has autism and that sounds like a great resource for him:-)

    Happy Friday Follow to you too:-)

  16. I've heard of 'peer' mentors.

    Everyone needs friends.

    My son had a really hard time making freinds until he started going to this science school. A LOT of the kids are really nerdy and super nice so he's been able to feel like he has more friends. And we have a very nice neighbor kid who comes over to play a lot. He's truly been a God-send. My son is super nice. But he's slower to pick up on social skills than other kids. It does get better as he gets older.


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