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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Do you think of me too?

"My thoughts are free to go anywhere, but it's surprising how often they head in your direction." ~ by perez

Do you think of me too?   by Sherry Lynn

As I lay here in bed
I think of you
I begin to wonder
Do you think of me too?

I imagine you're next to me,
Pulling me close,
I feel your kiss,
As you caress my skin.

My heart beats fast,
Pounding louder every second,
I begin to tremble,
As I taste your sweet lips.

I find that I gasp for air,
To replace the breath that you just took away.

My body and soul
Are slipping into a heavenly bliss.
Your hands are touching my every inch,
With such ease and tenderness.

I want this moment to last,
Not one second can escape,
I want to stay in your arms,
But then I suddenly awake.

It was only a dream,
Just a desire,
But in reality,
You have set my heart on fire.
"Maybe if you can't get somebody out of your head, they're supposed to be there." ~ by mollz


  1. Great! I shouldn't read stuff like this while at work...

  2. All I know is I want to kiss whomever you did:):) Just kidding, my hubby still steals my heart away. Beautiful post Coreen...big HUG for you today!

  3. Hold it, my poor little heart is still going pitter patter.Not sure I would want to get up, maybe just savoring the moment, or trying to get back asleep.

  4. Well, either they're supposed to be in there, or you're obsessed. I love the fire, it's shaped like a heart.

  5. WOW, now I need a drink. That was vivid and moving.

    And here in KY we use skillets and shotguns to get their attention. Would you like to borrow either of mine? ;)

    Blessings my dear one, I'll pray for your mental intruder.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  6. Oh my! :D :D :D Hahahahahaha!!!!!!! I can't stop giggling. :D This guy is surely reading you from some corner of his world and turning BEET RED!!!!! :D

    To the guy in question- Just come on out and get her. You know you love her just as much!!! :) We'll wait for you, you know.

  7. Ok, Girl Needs to Talk, now I'm Beet Red!! Ha... And Jules, I am still laughing at your comment too!! Love you my friends... so much!!
    HUGS!!!! :-)

  8. I love how the poem ended ...
    I think I'd write this poem in a Christmas card for my hubby ...

  9. How neat, Coreen..... I had many 'dreams' like this when I was single (after my divorce). I never thought that Mr. Right would ever come along. When he did---the love was so powerful, it was amazing to me (since I had never experienced that kind of love before). AND--even after 9 1/2 years, that love is still burning like that picture of a fiery heart...

  10. Wowzers! Now that I am all hot and bothered...Ha!! Wonderful poem!

  11. Beautiful, really really moving. have a great weekend.

  12. Coreen, this was beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Needed to read today. Blessings.

  13. Wow what a poem I have some along the same lines. Not sure I would be brave enough to post for blogland though. Good for you Coreen!


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