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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What STRESS has done to your Memory and Brain...
I'm sharing some articles below in the hope of helping others to understand the real damage that stress and traumatic events can do to our memory and brain. I came across these articles while trying to understand my own memory loss and difficulty seeing and recognizing people at times, especially in the distance. It really bothers me!

I've been told that I'm rude or spacey... because I don't wave or immediately acknowledge people I should know. Such as when I'm at a public event, mall, etc. It's because I don't recognize them right away; not that I'm ignoring anyone.

In fact, I seldom notice people in other vehicles, until I'm actually passing them and it's too late to wave back. Or I get a strong 'feeling' and look in the rear view mirror and recognize a vehicle. I know that probably sounds odd to many. However, it's not anything I or others can control. It certainly isn't 'on purpose' because we're rude or self absorbed.

This type of memory loss and slow reflex is the result of damage to our brains. Damage many times caused by enormous stress, traumatic events and even physical or verbal abuse. I have experienced all of these and still have many of the scars, although mine can only be seen on x-rays and MRI's.

Now I don't want any of my friends to be sad or upset. I would not be the person I am today without going through all that I have in the past. I also wouldn't be able to help those that I have and hopefully continue to help; if it weren't for the trials, tribulations and traumas I went through and survived. Although I would not wish any of these situations on anyone else.

I just want more people to be aware of the damage that stress and traumatic events can do to a persons brain, memory and well being. I also would like more understanding as to why some people, like me, don't have the memory, recognition and/or reflex that others do.

I am healing and doing better every year, month and day that goes by. Meditation, Prayer and self-help relaxation Cd's have helped me personally.  Today I am safe, most of the time 'stress-free' and very happy 99% of the time! I think that's all any of us can ask, hope and pray for!

Please share the list below, in order to spread awareness and help others!  Thank you!
Hugs & Much Love,

The Human Brain and Stress
Chronic Stress Causes Brain Damage
Stress Causes Brain Damage
Brain Damage from Stress: The Invisible Epidemic: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Memory and the Brain
Can Memory Loss Be a Symptom of PTSD
Stress and Neural Wreckage: Part of the Brain Plasticity Puzzle
New studies of human brains show stress may shrink neurons

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  1. Thanks for this info. I now understand why I cannot remember someone?? I usually do remember them after they are gone :)
    ps They do remember me since I am in a wheelchair?? I blame it on that :)

  2. Very nice to hear your interest in this subject. It has shown up in many peoples health how stress can take some of our life away.I just got new glasses and the faces weren't coming in until I had that little noline dropped down and my lens made bigger for my big head.Since I greet all who make eye contact with me, many times I am not sure where I do know some of those faces that light up in my direction.I guess I would offer a hug if they did approach me for not greeting them.When traveling rural that is something everyone does, the wave.It is nice to have.

  3. nice...just read over at syds about fear and worry...and you lay it down on stress...def immobilizing...

  4. Coreen - you are 100% correct on everything you say - I've experienced it as well. Sandie

  5. I never really considered those facts that you mentioned...that makes a lot of sense. Very good post Coreen. And yes you are right you would not be who you are today if not for your experiences.


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