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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hypnotherapy 101 ~ By S.K. Smith
 Are you looking for direct access to your subconscious? Do you want to deepen your own self-understanding and change the habits or tendencies you don’t like about yourself? Are you prone to stuffing your face when you are upset? Do you have a few too many drinks when you are overwhelmed? Do you lash out at the very people who love you most when you’re disappointed in yourself? Hypnotherapy could help you change these self-destructive behaviors.

Contrary to popular belief, being hypnotized does not give anyone else (namely, the person doing the hypnotizing) the power to alter your consciousness. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Hypnotherapy teaches you to master your own states of awareness. In the process of what is essentially a very deep, guided relaxation, you are led to the root causes of your behaviors and habits (i.e., smoking, overeating, abusive relationships), and opened up to the possibility of replacing them with newer, healthier ones.

Here’s how it works:

We Are the Sum Total of Our Experiences
When something happens to us, it sticks — at least in our subconscious. As a result, we learn a particular behavior in response to the occurrence. Then, each time something similar happens (read: we feel rejected or abandoned, we fail at something or get too vulnerable to someone) we repeat the same reaction. Thus, unhealthy habits and behaviors are formed.

The Power to Change
These are exactly the problems hypnotherapy aims to change. In some types of hypnotherapy, a trained therapist will guide you to remember the instigating event (the one that brought on that first reaction). From there, they can help you to separate that memory from the learned behavior, and change the way you react going forward. You’ll start by reframing the problem in question, becoming relaxed, and letting go of your negative thoughts. Then, your therapist will help open your mind to the desired goal with concrete suggestions.

A common example? If quitting smoking is the goal, your therapist will suggest that you now strongly dislike the taste of cigarettes. Then, you will return to your usual state of consciousness/awareness, and with your therapist, reflect on the experience.

Mind-Body Connection
The reason this works is that during hypnosis you become deeply relaxed, your blood pressure and heart rate are lowered, and even your brain-wave activity changes. Basically, you’re physically at ease but mentally focused, which makes you highly responsive to suggestion. Some people are more responsive than others to hypnotherapy. It’s been said that you truly have to want to change for the process to have its full effect.  ~ By S.K. Smith
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  1. Cool info. I was hypnotized once many years ago to quit smoking. It worked for awhile. I wound up quitting on my own. Hope all is well my friend.

  2. Interesting. I do wonder if this workss so well, why isn't it that popular, you would think everyone would be doing it and there would be a hypno-therapist on every corner.

  3. Because is have to Both: Believe & Be Ready/willing to change. Most people can't believe in something they can not 'see' and others won't admit they have a problem and that needs changing... or they don't really want to change. They just say they do and make excuses when options for helping them come along or are available.. such as hypnotherapy.

  4. This sounds interesting but I'm not at the point yet where I could allow someone to hypnotize me.
    I'm just a control freak :)

  5. I have a collection of Paul McKenna cd/dvds and books thast helps one with a number of issues such as gaining one's confidence, controlling stress, and many other isuues one comes across with during a lifetime. They have been a God send to me as my confidence took a nosedive after 2 berevements within 2 months.
    I became more positive and overcame many fears I had.Paul though from the UK is now based in LA and has been all TV there. If you get the chance to see or buy any of his books do so I know you won't regret it.


  6. That is so Awesome, Yvonne! I have a HUGH collection too & Yes they helped me oh so much during a terrible time in my own life. Some friends have said that it's like I changed my DNA for lack of a better term... over the last 3 years. I know it's from both prayer, listening to positive affirmations & cd's, etc. It ALL for me worked because I was so ready for positive changes in my life! I needed to gain self confidence and also I needed to let go of the past!

    Thank you for sharing that with us, Yvonne! You just helped so many... AGAIN!!! Love you!

  7. I think this is awesome, I need to check into this more. I do have relaxing tapes that I listen to, and was hypnotized once...oh I felt so at peace. thanks for the great post. take care.

  8. Wowwie. That was calming just to read. I really like the different view I have now. Thanks!!

  9. Hypnotherapy speeds up progress made by other approaches such as CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) by reducing the influence of the critical conscious so that suggestions are more easily absorbed and appropriate responses generated

  10. Hypnotherapy is one of the safest, quickest and most effective forms of treatment for the majority of psychological and emotional problems with few risks and side effects.


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