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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Heartbroken Mother who confronted heartless judge.- Her interview on CNN

Mother who confronted Ciavarella after verdict on CNN The Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre & Scranton PA

How heartbreaking!! There doesn't seem to be any justice in that judge walking out of court like he did and that smirk on his face made me sick. Please pray for the youth effected by this judge's greed... and especially for this mother who lost her only child and like she said 'her life'. So sad!!

Mother in 'kids for cash' scandal says she got justice.  Judge gets 28 years


  1. Hi Coreen, There are so many crooked judges ---and others who don't follow the law as our Constitution says it is to be followed... I have heard of so many stories like this---where people get hurt due to the decisions of greedy and crooked judges... SAD!

  2. I saw Sandy on CNN....when she confronted the un-just judge. My heart went out to her. I called a minister who prays all day and nights...often....we prayed fervently for God to help and comfort ONLY HE CAN DO.

    Have Faith

  3. One of the saddest parts to this story is that these children were not given the justice they were deserving of and many of these kids have been deeply emotionally and spiritually affected by Mark Ciavarella and his cronies ....Let us pray for these families and let us pray for Mark Ciavarella that HE find the LORD !!

  4. Very sad to read, there are much injustices in the world.


  5. I can not imagine a greater pain of a mother losing her child. It breaks the heart.
    xo Catherine

  6. This is pathetic. Whom do we trust? And where do we turn for justice?

  7. I'm so glad they found out about this and bring it to light. Nothing can stay in the dark too long.

    It's just horrible that this mother lost her son.


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