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"Fill your mind with light, happiness, hope, feelings of security and strength, and soon your life will reflect these qualities." ~Unknown

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"The Greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance!" ~Brian Tracy

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Building Character

"We aim to develop physique, mentality and character in our students; but because the first two are menaces without the third, the greatest of these is character." ~ Joseph Dana Allen, Headmaster
The CHARACTER COUNTS! approach to character education doesn't exclude anyone. That's why Character base their programs and materials on six ethical values that everyone can agree on — values that are not political, religious, or culturally biased. Use the points below to help young people understand the Six Pillars.
For a more detailed discussion of the Six Pillars, consult the book, Making Ethical Decisions.

Be honest • Don’t deceive, cheat, or steal • Be reliable — do what you say you’ll do • Have the courage to do the right thing • Build a good reputation • Be loyal — stand by your family, friends, and country

Treat others with respect; follow the Golden Rule • Be tolerant and accepting of differences • Use good manners, not bad language • Be considerate of the feelings of others • Don’t threaten, hit or hurt anyone • Deal peacefully with anger, insults, and disagreements

Do what you are supposed to do • Plan ahead • Persevere: keep on trying! • Always do your best • Use self-control • Be self-disciplined • Think before you act — consider the consequences • Be accountable for your words, actions, and attitudes • Set a good example for others

Play by the rules • Take turns and share • Be open-minded; listen to others • Don’t take advantage of others • Don’t blame others carelessly • Treat all people fairly

Be kind • Be compassionate and show you care • Express gratitude • Forgive others • Help people in need

Do your share to make your school and community better • Cooperate • Get involved in community affairs • Stay informed; vote • Be a good neighbor • Obey laws and rules • Respect authority • Protect the environment • Volunteer

"Good character is more to be praised than outstanding talent. Most talents are to some extent a gift. Good character, by contrast, is not given to us. We have to build it piece by piece—by thought, choice, courage and determination." ~ John Luther

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  1. I wish I could do that all - all the time! I mess up all the time, but I keep trying. sandie

  2. I hope that I gave my kids some of those characteristics: Caring, Character, Citizenship, Fairness, Respectability, Respect, and Trustworthiness... I THINK I did since all three sons have turned into really great young men. All of the hard work parenting does pay off!!!!


  3. I love your character building! It is a lesson we all need to remember

  4. I would like to think that I have built these qualities in my boys. So far so good Coreen...I can only help to keep them on this good path. Thanks for the reminder....XO

  5. All life goals to strive for and to teach our children.

  6. Great list of values to have in one's own life and of teaching to one's children and grands. We must not allow 'bad company to corrupt good character.' I find it interesting that the Bible tells us what builds good character: "because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us." I've learned most of life's lessons through suffering and perseverance!!

  7. I wish they would have taught some principals in the schools as many parent's didn't.
    Some children I have met are rude, no respect for anyone, or themselves. They seem to be in a world of their own. Not one thought about responsibilty. Everything it owed to them.
    Darn there I go again on a rant. No kidding I love your thoughts.

  8. Sorry PC problems, I'm late. If people could realize character is all we have and money cannot buy it maybe the world would be a brighter place.

    And those are my traits, some by my up bringing and some by my own character. But the neighbor thing, let's just say I tried and he still is weird :)

    Check out my post today, I'm handing something out. ;)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  9. I hope I can instill some or ALL of these characteristics in my children. Funny how with the uniqueness of EACH person they are stronger in one area than another! That is to keep us all from getting bored with one another!!!

    Sadly, there are SO many people that do not have much of ANY of these...hmmmmmm, something to think on...

    Good thoughts!

  10. While we should know this already, it's always good to be reminded from time to time. Thanks!

  11. Six of one and half a dozen of the other eh?

    That maybe so but according to Proverbs 9:1 there are Seven Pillars of Wisdom :)

    Can anyone give an Eight?

  12. What I posted are simple ones to explain and teach to our children & youth. I try not to push any certain religion or version of the bible, although I have a strong faith and read it too my dear & yes I know who you are. :-)

    Seven Pillars; These are the characteristics shown by the first seven beatitudes:

    #1 Poor in spirit. Humble.

    #2 Mournful. Hates evil, sighs and cries for the abominations in the land (see Ezekiel 9:4).

    #3 Meek. Mild disposition, subtle, wise as serpents, harmless as doves. Does this one remind you of Prudence?

    #4 Seekers of righteousness. Obeying the law because it is good and our Father said so.

    #5 Merciful. Compassionate, sympathetic, empathic.

    #6 Pure. Free from corruption.

    #7 Peacemaker. Let me paraphrase Mortimer Adler's definition of a peacemaker: "One who creates an atmosphere where discussion can continue."

  13. I really enjoyed this post. :)

  14. i might get this printed and put as a display in my baby's room :) awesome pillars :)thanks a ton for sharing this with us

  15. Wow i really enjoy reading it..

    How are you doing Dear? Sorry been lately very busy couldnt visit u frequently. i applogize for it.

    Have a great week!
    Sabi SUnshine

  16. I mess up too all the time...but I always come back and try again. Great list.

  17. I am trying hard to built my character, but it is difficult at times to be strong.;) I guess trying has to count for something though and maybe one day I get it right.;)
    Have a lovely Friday dear Coreen,

  18. sometimes we get tempted by things/ thoughts that can affect our character. we need to always work on this. rose


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