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"The Greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance!" ~Brian Tracy

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"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." ~ John Quincy Adams

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Every Monday Matters - You Matter!

Today is Your day.

Today you get to pick how you want to make a difference.

You know the drill. Think of something—and go do it.

Pretty simple.

There is only one catch--the people at Every Monday Matters want to hear about it. Let them know what you did and what resulted. They will be selecting one of 'your' ideas to be one of the “Mondays” in their next book. So be creative, have fun, and make sure to let us 'all' know what you did to make today matter.

Go to to learn more about the “Your Day” Contest.

Every time you took care of yourself, did something for someone else, protected the environment, gave from your heart, volunteered your time, and donated your possessions, your action had a ripple effect on your friends, neighbors, co-workers, community, city, country, and the world.
We are confident that you had an amazingly gratifying year and that you know in your heart that you really did make a difference. Every smile, every thank you, and every gesture of appreciation confirmed this for you.

Yet the work has just begun.

It’s a big world out there.

Now you understand just how much YOU MATTER.

"Live every day as if what you do matters – because it does. Every choice you make; every action you take – matters. Your choices matter to you and create the life you live. You always make a difference. Let that difference move the world forward. You matter." ~Susan M. Heathfield
Monday used to be the least favorite day of the week, but that is changing. EMM is based on the idea that every Monday people can make a difference in their life and the lives of those around them. No matter how big or small the actions, they matter. And not only do people have the power to make change, they have a social responsibility to do so. Not out of guilt, but out of an appreciation for every living thing in the world. Together, each person can make a difference in the world and raise the collective consciousness, thereby creating a legacy worth participating in…one Monday at a time.

For more information about the EMM movement visit:
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  1. Monday WILL matter on my blog as I will be making people aware of something very important.

  2. Great idea, Coreen... The more we ALL do to help others (and do something which really matters), the better off our world will be.. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  3. Great idea, Coreen... The more we ALL do to help others (and do something which really matters), the better off our world will be.. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  4. Good idea to focus on this at the beginning of each week - and it doesn't just have to be Monday - as each and every day matters. Blessings for a week filled with moments that matter - that count for here and now and into eternity!

  5. I've already tweeted it, posted it on FB, and emailed it to several people. What a site!

  6. Love this!!! Only "we" can make a difference!!

  7. Oh, please don't let my Monday morning have a ripple effect. I have dropped, broke and spilled everything I've touched. But now I know where to go when I have a good one :) Hugs, my friend.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  8. This was an excellent blog - how did you find it - you have the neatest things. Do you participate in it directly? Love the idea.

  9. Mondays are ok, but are followed by the rest of the week, sadly lol xxx

  10. I understand why Monday is the least favorite. EMM made a great choice in choosing Monday to make a great deed.

    Everyone really matters as we're all created for the fulfillment of something. We're here for a reason and with purpose.

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