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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Messages from the Universe

January 29, 2012
This is the 'message' I received in a fortune cookie this weekend; "You will discover the truth in time."  Some of you may notice the connection to some recent post of mine.  ;-)

I have written and shared several post in the past few months... about truth, honesty, and finding answers.  Most of these post were written after several eye opening experiences, resulting in revelations about both people and situations I thought I knew and understood. Realizing I didn't because people aren't always honest with themselves, making it impossible to be honest with me or anyone else for that matter.

Discovering "the truth" for both myself and several friends recently, has lead to even greater empathy and compassion.  So getting this as my 'fortune' certainly caught my attention.   

As I re-read this I catch the words 'in time'... now that could mean so many things couldn't it?!  Will I discover the 'truth' this week, next week, next month or next year?!  Curiosity has me intrigued yet again... to where I suddenly have more questions and a need for more answers.  

We all receive signs and messages throughout our days and life.  Most people just don't stop to see them or don't believe.

Do you believe in 'signs' from above?  Do you see things like this as a 'message' or 'answer' from the Universe?  

I certainly do, but must always remember that even with messages, signs, answers and even the truth... everything still happens in God's timing.  


  1. Sometimes the truth stares us right in the face and we choose not to believe it! God has ways of getting our attention though and may definitely use a little snippet of paper to reveal a truth to us - in HIS time! Jesus Christ is The Way, THE TRUTH and The Life! Have a great week! Seek the Truth and you will find!

  2. Yes He does have a way of telling us. So I totally believe in signs!! I try to pay attention. But sometimes, I just know I miss them. Hopefully I will get a second or third chance! Ha!

  3. Those simple reminders that "who" is in charge. Amen. Blessings to you dear one.

  4. Great post to read Coreen. most enjoyable.


  5. In time probably means in God's time, not yours. Yeah, that's always a bummer. We are so impatient!

  6. oh..i am a firm believer of "signs".... :) very interesting post as usual...

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