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Monday, October 18, 2010

Every Monday Matters - Don't Be a Litter Bug!

This week's EMM: Eliminate Litter From Your Life!

- 250 million tons of trash is generated each year in the U.S.

- 4.6 pounds of waste is created every day by the average person.

- Common litter includes cigarette butts, plastic bags, paper, candy wrappers, fast-food packaging, bottle caps, 6-pack can holders, glass bottles, and plastic straws.

- Men and women are equally likely to litter.

- People under age 15 are least likely to litter; people under the age of 25 are most likely to litter when in a group; and, people over the age of 25 are most likely to litter when alone.

- In one single day, nearly 7 million pounds of litter were removed from beaches, lakes, and streams.

- Animals from nearly 443 species are entangled in or ingest marine debris annually. The majority of these die from starvation, exhaustion, or infection.

People litter because:

- there is a presence of other litter.

- it’s the easiest way to get rid of unwanted things.

- littering is acceptable by people who pay taxes to have someone else pick it up.

- dumping is a social activity we learned from our parents and passed on unconsciously to our children.


+ Don't be a litter bug!!! And encourage others not to litter! (On campus, there are garbage cans in and around every building. So do your part to keep our campus beautiful!!!)

+ Spend one hour today picking up litter. Or decide that every time you see a piece of litter today, you’ll pick it up and throw it away.

+ If you see someone littering, politely ask them to pick it up. Or pick it up yourself and maybe the person who dropped it will see you and get the hint.

+ Organize a team of neighbors, friends, co-workers, or group members to pick up litter in a specific neighborhood (or on campus) for an hour. Make it more fun by turning the cleanup effort into a contest. (The Service-Learning Office can provide gloves and bags!)

+ Enjoy making a difference, getting exercise, getting to know people better, and having cleaner surroundings.


If every person picked up just one piece of litter today, there would be over 300 million fewer pieces of litter. If every person picked up 10 pieces of litter, there would be 3 billion fewer pieces damaging our environment. If you and your friends spend just one hour today picking up litter in your own neighborhood, you will not only pick up thousands of pieces of trash, you will also make a tremendous impact on your community!

What is the Every Monday Matters program?

Monday used to be the least favorite day of the week, but that is changing. EMM is based on the idea that every Monday people can make a difference in their life and the lives of those around them. No matter how big or small the actions, they matter. And not only do people have the power to make change, they have a social responsibility to do so. Not out of guilt, but out of an appreciation for every living thing in the world. Together, each person can make a difference in the world and raise the collective consciousness, thereby creating a legacy worth participating in…one Monday at a time.

For more information about the EMM movement visit:


  1. nice. i lik ehte practical steps...1 piece a day..that is easy...and little sucks...think about the animals...its their house.

  2. Very interesting, there is too much ltter about the place despite waste bins in the streets.


  3. I don't litter. We even cut up those plastic rings around bottle packs so no animal gets entangled.

  4. It's just so much easier for some people to litter. But the easiest way os often the worst way.

  5. I'm been making every person I know who litters, pick up what they threw away and find the nearest bin, ever since. Litter irritates me. Hope this post reaches a ton others and teaches them not to!

  6. I used to date a guy who was really bad about littering. He would stop at the drive thru at a fast food restaurant and when he was done with his meal, he'd throw it out the window. That just really turned me off. I admit I did it a few times too but I really felt bad about it so I didn't do it again. I have a neighbor who litters in my yard.

  7. He would stop at the drive thru at a fast food restaurant and when he was done with his meal, he'd throw it out the window.

    I meant to say he'd throw it out the window as he was driving.

  8. i try to tell myself not to litter. i think i do well but we all can slip. it's terrible to see roads with paper and other things. good post thanks rose

  9. Well said! I walk every morning and I am appalled at the amount of debris I see as I go. I have picked up so much trash and taken it home I cannot begin to tell you. I wish people would think and not throw stuff out of their car windows. It is disgusting!!!!

  10. I blows my mind to find out someone litters! I hadn't thought of cutting up the rings, thanks Alex. I hate littering! After the blog action day and finding out about the giant garbage island out in the ocean, I hate littering even more and am looking for ways to cut down even further my carbon footprint.

  11. We don't litter! Hate when people chuck their gum anywhere too! Love the idea about cutting up plastic rings even before throwing them into the trash. Another little thing that helps!


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