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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Baby Sign Language


A fellow blogger who is also a passionate advocate of autism research, asked me to tell my followers about Baby Sign Language. She is part of the team responsible for the creation and development of  Their website was launched with the vision that high quality, functional educational materials should be accessible to all regardless of their financial capacity.

The website is a work in progress but they are very proud of what they are doing. contains:

Free Printable Flash Cards

Free Printable Wall Chart

Free Tutorials

Free Video Dictionary

Almost 4,000 strong Facebook Community (This is a wonderfully active community that has given birth to many friendships).

We both believe that baby sign language is a viable tool to open a window of communication in certain autism profiles.  I have heard wonderful and encouraging stories from many parents. Every digital and downloadable resource they have created is 100% free. However they don't expect for this to be a fix-it-all, but they sincerely hope it becomes one more resource to make the journey easier for thousands of parents facing the challenges of autism.

Please visit or contact my friend Mey Lau @
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  1. Just shared this on facebook! Thanks!

  2. My triplets have begun to use a few signs. It's great, especially for non-verbal autistic kids!

  3. This is very interesting, and what a good idea!! Phil knows sign language and uses it in his job, I see these signs are the same as American Sign Language.

  4. Most interesting, loved the read.


  5. What an awesome tool for parents and the teaching community to use. Anything to facilitate communication is a good thing!!

  6. I was just talking about baby sign language at an autism symposium. It is also not just for those with autism. My friend's son stop taking at about 3 years old, she took him immediately for speech and the therapist taught him sign language. What ever the issue was this helped him over the hump until his brain, muscle, neuron connection could reassert itself. He is now a typically developing ten year old. I wonder how many of our children with speech delay/autism would have benefited from something like this oh so many years ago and how this might have forestalled some of the more difficult social issues that developed because of a lack of communication.

  7. I am going to send this to my DIL!

  8. I agree that everyone should be given the chance to learn this things. I will send the link to my friends so they can check. It will be of big help to everyone especially to those who are financially incapacitated.

    Thanks Coreen :) Have a great week!


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