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"Fill your mind with light, happiness, hope, feelings of security and strength, and soon your life will reflect these qualities." ~Unknown

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"The Greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance!" ~Brian Tracy

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Half Full Friday & Aloha Friday question!

"Become a possibilitarian. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities - always see them, for they're always there." ~Norman Vincent Peale
Half Full Friday is a series of weekly posts that Eye Girl originally started in June 2009.  Now the it is hosted by Sprinkles at Wyldechylde.  We believe that a lot of our happiness is determined by our attitude about the things that happen to us. So by participating, we are deciding to see the glass as half full, instead of half empty. We are choosing to concentrate on the positives, instead of dwelling on the negatives. Our Half Full Friday posts are a way to do just that. They are a list of the things in our life that have brought us happiness over the past week. We are determined to find the something good in every day. Are you?

"A happy thought is like a seed that sows positivity for all to reap." ~Miriam Muhammad
For the next week, we challenge you to keep a list of at least one thing that brought you happiness each day.

I'm Happy and Thankful for many things; especially this week:
  • For my oldest son's trip to the Dominican Republic with a medical team from his school.  They leave tomorrow morning for a month.  Please pray they have a SAFE and Inspiring time there! :-)
  • For the phone calls asking about my house that's for sale.  It's a start and I feel that it takes 'word of mouth' to sell a house in a small town! :-) 
  • For the wonderful birthday dinner for my youngest son last week! :-)
"Why not learn to enjoy the little things - there are so many of them." ~Author Unknown

It's also "ALOHA FRIDAY" Everyone!!  If you want to join in the fun? Post your own question on your blog and leave your link at the Aloha Friday post at An Island Life. Then you can visit the other participants if you wish...It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends or see what people are thinking about this week and join in a conversation or two if you like.
"There are souls in this world which have the gift of finding joy everywhere and of leaving it behind them when they go." ~Frederick Faber
My question:  What is a favorite birthday memory?

My answer:  My friends back home gave me a surprise birthday party a few years back.  Complete with a Great local band!  I was VERY Surprised and LATE... because I was at a regional track meet with my middle son, that was running very late.  I was Surprised and Happy that everyone waited for me!  I love those people!! :-)
"Surrounded by people who love life, you love it too; surrounded by people who don't, you don't." ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic's Notebook, 1966
Have a Fabulous Friday & Wonderful Weekend, Everyone!
Love & Hugs!
~ Coreen
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  1. Good morning Coreen!~ Good luck on the sale of your house. I think it is a great time to have it up on the market. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  2. Good luck with the sale of your house, and I hope your son enjoys his trip to The Dominican Republic, my son has just returned from there , he had a wonderful time,

    Have a good week-end.

  3. How exciting that your son is going to the Dominican Republic! Will be keeping him in my thoughts and prayers so he'll be safe - and have fun! ;)

    My favorite birthday memory was when some friends surprised me with tickets to a Reba concert that happened to be on my actual birthday. Best. Birthday. Ever. ;)

    Aloha: Swimsuit Shopping

  4. Wow, I have no idea. I don't like to go all out for my birthday. My kids have had some good ones.

    Have a great Friday!

  5. Senior year of HS my now husband chalked my parents drive way with birthday wishes and wrapped my car in cellophane it was cute, funny and I loved it. Then we spent the day hanging out by the pool

  6. My favorite birthday memory would have to be the huge family parties we had! They were great.

  7. YEEHAW! Friday is back, baby!!! I once had a surprise party thrown for me. Got there thought someone had broke in my house and I don't know who was more surprised. Me at the party or the party at my metal bat I had drawn back :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  8. My favorite birthday memory was my 16th birthday. My mom put together a surprise party for me and had a Goofy cake made. {he was my favorite Disney character at the time}. :) It was SO much fun!

  9. Happy Half Full Friday! I'm especially happy this Friday because -- I just found out I got an A on my government test AND spring break is next week! YES!!!!!!!!!

  10. You sound like you had a good week with the positives you listed - I hope your house will sell real soon too.

    And you actually had a band for your birthday - that was amazing.


  11. Gosh --this is hard since I have such good memories since George and I got married... Before that--not so many!

    I guess my best surprise birthday was a trip to a little cabin near Tellico Plains, TN.. The cabin had a hot tub --and was SO romantic... Such a huge surprise...

    Then, last year's trip to the Shenandoah Valley was incredible too... I could go on and on...

    One other memory I do have is in 2008 on my birthday when hubby had hernia surgery... Obviously, we postponed the birthday trip that year.

    I told you that my life started when I met George. Can't think of much that happened before that time.. ha

  12. THAT is not an easy question, my friend. I guess I would have to say that my last birthday is always my favorite memory. Because I'm so glad to still be alive and getting around!

  13. I will pray for your son's safe journey to Dominican Republic. For sure he will nejoy that moment. I am also happy that your other son had a great birthday. Things are like those are real blessings that we should be thankful for.

    Great to hear you had that fabulous birthday and with a band! I would love to have something like that too. You have such great friends who shared their time to make you happy.

    My favorite birthday memory happened when I was 18. It was a surprised party for mee too.

    Have a great weekend Coreen :-)

  14. What a wonderful post! I love the idea of a "possibilitarian"! I think that describes me. I hope you are feeling better after being sick and making it through mid terms. I have enjoyed getting back to a routine! Thanks for the kind words.

  15. Will keep your son in prayers for his trip. It sounds like a very good adventure and much to learn.

    Those make for very good birthday memories :)

    I only have one birthday memory. Some people from our study group in Spanish class surprised me at a park with cake and bubbly for my birthday. I actually thought one of the other kids were being celebrated. It was a surprise for sure.


  16. Sending good thoughts that your son has a safe and happy trip! n Crossing my fingers that your house sales! And so happy you had a lovely dinner with your son!!! Life is good! :)

    Can't really think of a specific special birthday. They are pretty low key here! Ha!

    Happy Weekend Coreen!
    xo Ctherine

  17. Wow.... it's bad when you spell your own name wrong... haha...

    xo Catherine! :)

  18. Happy Friday to you dear Coreen (on a Saturday;)
    Sounds like you had a great week.;) I love your positive Friday posts.;)
    As I celebrate my birthday in July, I always recall being in new places as I used to travel a lot wit my family in July, thus many of my birthdays were unforgettable.;)
    My best memory though must be from one celebrated in NC, when I was 27 and my friends rented me a horse for an hour. That as the best hour of horseback riding I ever recall. Beautiful North Carolina summer in a beuatiful nature on a stunning black horse. I will never forget the ultimate freedom and joy I experienced...
    Have a great weekend dear Coreen,

  19. My favorite birthday memory is from 2004, when I got engaged! Best birthday ever!

  20. I don't really have one. Isn't that sad? :-)

  21. Wishing your son safe travels!


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