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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Having a Life... outside of our responsibilities.

Although my sons are grown pretty much on their own now, I remember how I tried to balance everything when they were growing up.  Dividing the time and attention between the three was my top priority.  Balancing family, my home daycare, housekeeping, friendships, school groups, a marriage, church.... the list went on and on. 

I remember long, busy days and collapsing at night from exhaustion.  However I also remember how fulfilled and happy I was taking care of my family!   I love being a mom, then and now!  

The hardest part for me was when they grew up and one by one needed me less.  I felt so lost and empty at times.  Then one day I filled out an on-line questionnaire and realized I didn't have a life.  At least... not one of my own! 

The Questions and Answers went like this: 

Interest:  my children
Hobbies:  my children
Activities:  my childrens'
Goals:  raising my children
Dreams:  helping my children fulfill their dreams.

The questions went on and the answers were basically the same.  This experience was a Hugh eye opener for me.  I didn't even know what I liked or who I was... outside of being a MOM.

Please remember I loved raising my sons and being involved in their activities along with the groups associated with them.  I still enjoy and cherish the time I spend with my boys now.  However, I decided that it was about time for 'me'.  My dreams, goals and interest.  Whatever the heck they were.... I still didn't know for a while. 

Since that revelation, I have spent a great deal of time experiencing new and exciting things.  I had my very own adventures and done things I'd never done before.  All good of course, but fun too!   I'd never rafted before, road a motorcycle, drove a jet sky or even gone tubing until last summer.  I had a blast!

I've always been pretty social, but I used to avoid anything remotely risky and would even slip into the shadows to avoid being in the spot light too much.  This year I've stepped it up; putting myself in new and very exciting places.  Meeting some amazing people and coming out of my shell!

These new experiences have helped me grow and develop into a strong, independant and confident person.  I am very pleased with how far I have come and look forward to the rest of my life!

It's never too late to have a Life of your own.  What interest, hobbies or adventures do you have outside of your responsibilities?
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  1. It's easy to become overwhelmed with responsibilities, isn't it? So glad that you have been able to do things that you have always wanted to do!


  2. it's good we develope an interest besides our families. this can makes us hapier and to the better with our families

  3. Wow. You actually had 1 answer for all those questions?? I am so glad you're finding "me time" now! Go you!

  4. I'm still in the "mommy" phase...very mired in it, in fact. I have realized my own need for a few activities outside my house, and once school starts, I plan to branch out!


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