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"The Greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance!" ~Brian Tracy

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Finding Love...

 "There are two kinds of sparks, the one that goes off without a hitch like a match, but it burns quickly. The other is the kind that needs time, but when the flame strikes... it's eternal, don't forget that." ~Timothy Oliveira

When we must face the world alone
It seems a lonely place.
If we've no one to share it with,
We cannot see its grace.

We're lost upon an empty sea
Adrift within the storm.
A shadow of our former selves
Without substance or form.

And yet, we strive to carry on,
To see the sun once more.
We place our hearts upon the block,
As we have done before.

But often we will move too fast,
Or try to skip ahead.
If one but glances through a book,
He can't know what he's read.

Each story cultivates a path,
From beginning to end.
It's a trail true love must follow,
The way that it was penned.

If you attempt to circumvent
The courtship at the start,
Your romance will become a fling,
Which leads to broken hearts.

For who could ever trust someone
Who gives themselves so swift,
And shares with one they hardly know
Such an intimate gift.

Happy endings are rarely found,
In tales that start this way.
Such passion sometimes feels like love,
But some passion fades away.

And if no love can then be found,
You'll be alone again.
Adrift upon that empty sea,
Where you have often been.

For if your offered love is free,
And it need not be earned,
What merit do you think it has,
When it is not returned?

Love's worth is measured by the work
Required to make it grow.
But when you give that love away,
Its value is brought low.

So if you seek this treasured prize,
Here's what you'll have to do.
The love you offer someone else
Must mean something to you.
~ The End.    By Mark Spencer

"You have to walk carefully in the beginning of love; the running across fields into your lover's arms can only come later, when you're sure they won't laugh if you trip." ~Jonathan Carroll
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  1. What a great poem--and so very true too!

  2. This is a great poem and thank you so much for sharing this. I still believe in the power of love though I have witnessed the lost of its magic for several times to different people. Love happens and it happens the magical way.

    Have a great day Coreen :-)

  3. I can relate to this poem, it was wonderful and it brought a tear to my eye.


  4. SHUU! title had me scared for a moment but I know where this comes from. True, yet painful, which by the way is why I own dogs. :)

    Sending a ton of smiles and hugs!
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  5. Sweet. And oh so true. I know people who started out fast only to see it fade.

  6. Love the poem and the quote - and I find the subject of love so complex - yet so simple - let me know when you figure it out and tell me! lol


  7. I have a similar quote. This is from the book, 'The Gifts of Life and Love’ by Ben Zion Bokser:

    The thin kindling wood gives off a brilliant flame, but that flame cannot last, and does not give out warmth. It’s function is to ignite the heavy log, which will burn with less sparkle, less glitter, but with the most glowing steadiness. The fire of later years is not as brilliant as the blaze which burned at the beginning but it is firmer, surer, warmer.

    Let us not permit the kindling wood to flare up and burn itself out in a beautiful but brief exhibit of flame, without being sure it ignites the thicker log for the more enduring fire.

  8. I haven't seen thos poem before, good advice. I love that last quote by Jonathan Carroll

  9. Thank you, Charlotte!! Wonderful poem and a perfect addition to the post!!

  10. Coreen thank you for sharing. Also, thank you for your comment to me of recent. Blessings.

  11. WELL Coreen, You know my story... I was married for 20 yrs., divorced, and then single for 20 yrs. I had no idea until I met George that THIS is what real love is all about. I had never experienced this kind of love before. Here's two people who just enjoy being together 24/7.. We love, respect, LIKE, affirm, laugh, etc. TOGETHER. It's incredible. I am so blessed.

  12. Very lovely poem, profound, is so fragile and powerful and has to be treated with care. Love this!

  13. This is a great poem, thanks for sharing it. I especially like the first verse. It is the relationships in our lives that really bring meaning, and when they are lacking, everything else can lose its shine.

  14. I am still looking for that eternal flame, maybe one day it will burn for em as well.;)
    Beautiful poem and quotes,

  15. Never stop looking, because I'm not until I find it & I will find it!! We have to keep our faith and believe!! ;-)

  16. Oh the subject you write on is most complex!!! Unconditional love means to me there are no "I love you if...." I love or am loved for me, flaws and all, not matter what!

    God bless and have yourself a marvelous day. Now let the sparks fly...... :o)

  17. awe, that was superb, what a great poet you are too xxx

  18. Wonderful!!

    Unconditional love is what it's all about :)

  19. What a beautiful post. I can't wait to hear who he is. Everyone deserves to have love like this if they are willing to work for it and treasure it. Thanks for stopping by and supporting Ann. My daughter's finger is feeling much better.


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